Gmail is upgrading into a communication app with chat, room and meet integration incoming

Google is trying to unify its arsenal of communication tools as it is in the most competitive location for video meetings, collaborations and more with Microsoft 365 and Zoom.

The Gmail app will soon be different from what you know about it. At least until now. Google says that in the coming weeks, G Suite users will get a more powerful version of the app including Gmail, Chat, Room and Meat in an effort to make it a unified app for all Google communications platforms. It has been attempting to integrate Google into Gmail for iOS, Android and Web for the past few weeks, as well as Google Chat in Gmail for the Web. Google also confirms that soon chat will be integrated into Gmail for all users on Android and iOS as well.

G Suite users will get a more powerful version in Gmail, Chat, Rooms and Meet sometime in the coming weeks

While you may already be well versed with Gmail, chat, room and meat can be a bit confusing for those who are not already using it extensively. Chat allows you to message individuals or small groups of people. Meet is designed for more large meetings where people can watch and join – such as how Zoom and Microsoft teams work. And then there are rooms, more for integrated projects with a shared feature.

Also, Google says that they are enhancing collaboration features in chat rooms by adding shared files and tasks. “With shared chat, important documents and quick access to DOS in one place, it’s easy for everyone in a group to be on the same page. In addition, chat allows you to create rooms that include people from outside your company, such as contractors or consultants, so your group can not only be cross-functional, but also cross-organization. ” Javier Saltero, vice president and GM, says G Suite at Google.

This could further differentiate between chat and room, but Google is clearly trying to leverage all the tools in its arsenal as it competes with Microsoft which includes the Microsoft 365 suite which includes the Teams communications platform is. Google also says that picture-in-picture video calls will soon be a part of Gmail, and that Google Meat will soon be integrated, with integrations with docs, sheets and slides.

Google says it’s about switching between apps to work based on feedback from users, which they say disrupts the workflow. When you’re really running short of patience and peace and a status message like “office off” will also be an option to enable people to tell you not to disturb them at that time.

Changes will be made in the coming weeks for G Suite users, although not much changes have been made for the consumer version of the Gmail app.

Google is trying to unify its arsenal of communication tools as it competes with Microsoft 365 and Zoom

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