Mitron App Is Back on Google Play Just Days After Being Removed

Mitron was removed after Google violated Google Play’s “spam and minimal functionality” policy.

The Mitron app, a TikTok clone, is once again available through the Google Play Store. The short video platform was removed from the Google Play store earlier this week due to a violation of Google Play policies. Google said Mitron violated its “spam and minimal functionality” policy, but later clarified that tech giants were working with the developer to help them fix the issues. Now, exactly one day after that explanation, the app is back in Google Play. Before being pulled, the Mitron app had managed to cross 50 million downloads.

The Google Play Store listing for the Mitron app is once again live. The app calls itself a short free short video and social platform outside of Bangalore, India, and its user interface is very similar to TikTok.

Google pulled Mitron from Google Play on June 2, claiming that its policy does not allow apps that provide the same experience as other applications already on Google Play. ‘The policy reads, “Apps should provide value to users through the creation of unique content or services.” It also states that the app should “provide a basic degree of functionality and a respectable user experience.”

Mitron was launched in the Google Play store less than two months ago and has since been rooted in anti-China and TikTok sentiments prevalent in the country. Last month, the app was reported to have a vulnerability that could allow an attacker to compromise user accounts and send messages on behalf of a specific user. This defect does not allow any bad actor to steal personal information such as email ID, which the user used to sign up to the Mitron app. It is unclear whether the developer fixed a security flaw in the new version.

An official changelog in the Google Play Store mentions the change of UX (user experience), which is the only new thing in the application.

While Matron is back on the Google Play store, another app that was recently removed – Delete China Apps – is still left.

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