Should You Delete Mitron app.?

Mitron app’s privacy issues explained.

More than 50 lakh people have downloaded an Indian tikkok clone called mitron and the app is still being downloaded as tikkok is currently going through a crisis. Mitron’s unique selling points are reflected in its branding and the fact of being Indian. While it’s great that an Indian app is so popular, is this safe to use? Should you download this app or leave it for security?

Mitron allows you to upload short videos just like TikTok but unlike the Chinese app, Mitron does not have a privacy policy. The privacy policy defines how the app may use your data and should refer to important terms and conditions of using the app. Clearly this is not at all important to Mitron. If you go to the Google Play page for Mitron and click on the privacy policy link at the bottom, it will take you to a site called, which is a blank page.

We did a basic huis lookup on that domain name, and the only information we got was that the domain was registered through GoDaddy and the address is from Uttarakhand. Mitron was allegedly developed by an IIT-Roorkee student, hence the discovery of Uttarakhand. However, this is a weak relationship.

Go back to application permissions. Mitron asks for lots of permissions on your Android phone. Again, a quick check on Google Play reveals that the matron needs your photos, internal storage, camera, microphone, flashlight, and the ability to prevent your device from sleeping. We now know that this is most needed for a video sharing app, but if there is no privacy policy and the developer is an unknown entity, how do you know that your data is not being sold to shady advertising companies?

The developer’s website is and if you open that website, it will redirect you to the Google Play page for Mitron recently but at the time of writing it only showed a blank page. There is no website for apps with more than 50 million downloads and no privacy policy. Would you believe it The developers of Matron were probably not ready for its virginity, but you cannot give people the benefit of doubt when your personal information, your personal videos, your archived photos are all at stake.

Mitron needs to fix its privacy issues soon, but until then, we would not recommend using the app.

After knowing all these things, do you still think you should use Mitron? Tell us through the comments.

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