What do you think is Human Cloning a Good or Bad Idea?

From time immemorial we know that no two human beings are ever the same, whether they were born from the same mother or different mother. Even twins of the same mother have different personalities and have different marks or marks on their bodies. Now the question is, is Human cloning a good or bad idea? What do you think Read on to find out.

I strongly oppose human cloning. First, cloning deteriorates the value of human life. So far in real life, every human being is special and different and has much to contribute to the world with the help of their thoughts, ideas and creative minds.

But what about cloning? With each cloning, their brain and body are likely to suffer and become less intelligent and physically weaker in the process. We do not need dumb and weak cloned creatures. Above all, I really don’t see any benefit in this. This makes room for more confusion and doubt.

Taking advantage of cloning can lead to more murders and criminal activities. Different clones of the same human may be trained to act on a fraudulent activity or criminal cases. Therefore, it becomes difficult to catch top criminal manipulators.

Some people may think with cloning, it is interesting to see duplicates or duplicates of a human being. They just like to see them together in complete amazement and wonder. But there is really no fun in it. In the end, they become a burden on a family they have chosen to take care of.

Furthermore, cloning ceases to give them a proper identity, and if they travel together or in different ways, they may get into trouble at some time or other. Eventually, the family that decided to take care of them runs into problems and could be fined or taken to jail because of the severity of the situation.

In my opinion, we should ban human cloning. This is no fun. This is a case where the process produces less adequate properties in a clone. What does it mean to create fickle and weak clones with loss of identity? I hope you will listen to me and echo me, “Yes, impersonation is a bad idea. Yes, it messes up the value of humans. So overall, we should ban it.”

Please join hands with me and send a loud and clear message around the world.

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